World Oceans Day

The World Oceans Day is celebrated annually on the 8th of June and it serves to gain public support for the conservation of Oceans. It was initially introduced by the Centre for Ocean Development and the Ocean Institute of Canada at the Earth Summit, organized by the UNCED (United Nations Conference on Environment and Development) at Rio De Janeiro. The UN currently aims to promote the implementation of worldwide Sustainability Development Goals with respect to the management of ocean resources by uniting the efforts of several nations on this international forum. The day is marked by launching new campaigns and initiatives, hosting aquatic or beach cleanups, spreading awareness through educational programmes at aquariums, zoos or educational institutions and promoting sustainable fishing methods and sustainable seafood events through art and film festivals. The theme of this year is “Innovation for a Sustainable Ocean”.

This year, amidst the pandemic, the importance of the day is marked by virtual events and competitions.

World Ocean Day Challenge 2020 presented by VANAV360 and Watersports Denmark is an international virtual challenge started at Denmark. It aims to donate all profits to Green Kayak. Green Kayak serves to provide free kayaks for several cleanup programs undertaken to collect trash from marine waterbodies.

The virtual challenge consists of several aquatic sports activities like rowing, kayaking, surfing, swimming, sailing etc.

Photography, being a powerful way to convey an emotion or message, is one of the most popular of the events organized this year. Several International competitions for photography have been initiated to strengthen the support for conservation of Oceans through art.

These competitions and events strengthen coordination on the international forum for conservation of nature. Moreover, it imbibes the efforts of the community into the greater cause of conservation.