Who Knew?

It was sometime during late January when cautious friends  and family ( at that time I wrote them off as pessimistic) discussed something called the Corona virus  with me . The optimist in me dismissed them as rumours. It was just flu after all!!  Just a regular flu with a fancy new name!

Fast forward to March, exams were cancelled for the lower grades. Let me confess, even at this point, I underestimated the seriousness of the situation.  Though concerned, I still believed that the whole thing would be over in a few weeks.

Then as we all know, India entered into one of strictest lockdown phases. At this point , I was terrified that this was for real  and decided to be a more responsible parent, human being and of course a responsible citizen.

Now to the fun part, the lockdown diaries ( cliché) with my two children and seventy seven year old father.
25th of March: I woke up early and made a list of chores that I needed to do. I was in domestic bliss, I was the ‘Indian Martha Stewart ‘, but here’s the twist, this new- found domestic bliss didn’t last for more than a few hours.

Every time, my son would drink a glass of water and put it in the sink , I looked at him with such scorn. So, you can only imagine my rage when the sink piled up with dishes or I looked at tonnes unfinished laundry.

My students wrote me this sweet note about how empathetic and cheerful I am. I carry that around like a badge of honour. Now, my family begs to disagree with every adjective on that note. As I write this blog, I’m certain they are planning a vlog just to show how wrong everything in that note was. Well , I have earned myself amusing nicknames aka ‘Momzilla’,  Mom on Mean Mode’ ,’ Rage Machine’,  and so on.
Back on a serious note, this whole period has been a lesson in gratitude for me and my family. I always did appreciate my domestic help, but this time when they do come back I’ll be a little more empathetic if they are slacking in their work sometimes. There are days I furiously imagine how I’ll get past the day locked in with all my boys, but then again I’m grateful that I have a roof ( a pretty decent one) over my head and my very vocal but loving  family around me. There are times where I reminisce back to all the vacations where I caught up with my friends at the fancy coffee shops, but today I’m grateful that I don’t have to worry about where my next meal comes from.

So, my Mr Hyde Avatar lasts till about 3pm and after a refreshing nap I’m back to being the polite Dr.Jekyll. Evenings which were frantically spent ushering kids from one class to another and meeting deadlines are now spent sharing amusing stories from mine and my father’s younger days. No gadget seems interesting to the children at this point as they listen in awe to the silliest details and laugh about it for the next few days.

Never am I going to take time spent with my family and extended family: My colleagues at PSRTN for granted.

I belong to the privileged lot who can afford to stay safe at home to share this with people who have read this blog until this point. As I conclude,  I hope this experience leaves us as kinder,  more grateful, and more respectful( to humans and the environment) human beings. Stay indoors, Stay Safe!