The Online Teaching Odyssey

Albert Einstein once said –It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.

 Easier said than done?? Not at all.  “I wasn’t born to just teach. I was born to inspire others; to change people and never give up, even when faced with challenges that seem impossible. “ The one who said this, touched the very soul of a teacher’s job.

Some have the misconceived notion that teaching is an easy job involving no effort. On the contrary, it is one of the most challenging of jobs which keeps evolving to the tailor made student centric strategies which are required to mould not only the future of the nation or society but also mankind as a whole.

Whoever imagined that the challenging circumstances would at short notice, hurl us at the break neck speed through a journey of training sessions, meetings and online classes!

It was only a matter of time that the lasting impact of the virtual space,  gifted us with a rich legacy of an after taste of confidence, empowerment and ease to negotiate through the online platforms.

I am a middle school English teacher at Presidency School, Nandini Layout. The new norm quickly fell into place and  I am surprised at the ease at which the Investiture ceremony , Independence Day celebrations, activities and assemblies were being conducted.

It becomes all the more challenging to make a class interesting because we are not physically present in the class..Although we miss teaching in a regular class, we do make sure that we have the attention of all the students.

Being an English teacher, it has always been my practice to teach any lesson through personal experiences and connect with as many children as possible . Many online user friendly  apps have helped me to connect with my students and be my natural self in teaching them in an ambience that is full of joy and fun..

This online teaching journey has indeed been a fruitful and rewarding one –not just in delivering the content in creative and innovative ways but also in enhancing the teacher’s knowledge especially when it comes to IT integrated teaching.

lakshmi mohan
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