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The Impact of Digital Classrooms on Learning

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The Impact of Digital Classrooms on Learning

Classrooms are where children spend most of their waking hours. This where their foundations of learning are formed. Children’s experiences in classrooms shape their think and to an extent also the kind of person they become. Hence, it has been argued by academic that classrooms have to be mentally stimulating and teach kids some crucial qualities that can help them learn better.

Exposing kids to technology at a younger age is inevitable in today’s world. Who hasn’t seen a two-year-old more interested in a tablet than squeaking toy? It’s been said that kids are able to grasp technology and the like faster as their brains haven’t been hardwired to a certain way of thinking or a particular way of acquiring information.

• Improvement in Knowledge Retention - If a student is engaged and interested in the topic they are learning there is a higher probability that they will be able to retain what they have learned in the classroom. A digital classroom helps to increase active participation from the students as it helps in knowledge retention. Technology can be integrated in a way that best suits the kids in the classrooms to have the best possible positive effect on their learning.

• Encourages Collaboration - By making kids interact with each other in online activities they can practice collaboration skills. Collaborating on assignments or in-class activities can also help kids develop skills to work in diverse groups. Technology can make it possible for them to information and resources on their virtual learning environment.

• Focus on Individual Learning - Everyone has a unique way of learning. They have their individual paces of grasping information. With the help of technology, teachers can make their study material available online and this gives students access to take in the information at their own pace. This offers great opportunities for students who struggle in classrooms or have disabilities. Access to the internet not only gives students the liberty of taking their time in understanding a topic but also explore topics related to the primary topic. This increases engagement from the students.

• Improves Engagement - The different opportunities provided by technology helps make learning more enjoyable and engaging. Technology gives a way of teaching the same topic in more than one way to help the kids understand better. Topics can also be better understood by students if it's presented to them in a game format. It makes it interest and fun for the student and they are more enthusiastic about learning. There is more active participation by students in classrooms which incorporate technology to teach than in the traditional lecture atmosphere.

• Life skills from Technology - In the 21st Century having skills associated with technology however basic are important irrespective of what you do. Hence it is only logical that kids have technology incorporated in their learning. Digital classrooms help students achieve and develop skills that they will need to do their best in their chosen future career. Technology can incorporate various learning qualities in students such as critical thinking, teamwork, problem-solving, leadership, etc. These skills are important for every child and technology can help expose them to a greater variety of resources which can help them be the best versions of themselves.

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