The Bigger Picture

If you can’t count your blessings, at least acknowledge them.

Our world is a beautifully terrible place. As good as Mother Nature is at creating life, she is equally good (or dare I say it – better) at snuffing it out.This time, her weapon of choice seems to be the novel Corona Virus – ‘novel’ being a very fitting title indeed, considering the number of deaths and the amount of fear it has been setting loose.

However, every time Nature has struck, humans have fought back too – and this time is no different. As we stay tucked away in the safety of our homes, doctors and other health care professionals are fighting for us, while risking their own lives.

It is during times like this, that human arrogance is humbled and we begin to notice the things that we have been taking for granted all along.

Let’s start with something simple- our freedom to go out. Be it birthday shopping or late-night chaat-shop visits, all it took us was to get ready and go. Now, we think twice before stepping over the thresholds of our homes, afraid of the invisible menace lurking around, looking for a chance to swoop in and take our lives.

Spinach – ugh! Brinjal – don’t even think about it! How many times have we faked gagging just for an excuse to push away the plate of veggies that our moms have prepared with so much love and effort? Nowwe talk about immunity. We should have just eaten the spinach when we had the chance, shouldn’t we?

All the times those aunties and uncles have appeared at our doorsteps to take away our garbage, did we spare them a “Hello”, a “Have you had breakfast?” or even a simple smile?

I can safely bet that at least one in every two students must have wished for holidays like the ones we are going through now, as they doodled away in their notebooks while the teacher tried to wrestle a particularly difficult concept into forty or so not-so-attentive minds. Online classes have now been introduced to substitute traditional ones, but they lack the human touch that is required for effective learning.

It must be human nature, I think, to take all things for granted. Even now, we complain about not being able to go out when we have a roof over our heads to protect ourselves. Did we, for a moment, think about the homeless? The daily wage workers?

Maybe it’s time that we take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

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