Story of a high achiever

Great things never came from comfort zones. Aanchal Gangwal, a 23-year-old graduated from Indian Air Force Academy with the highest grades and received the President’s Plaque. Aanchal, daughter of a tea-seller in Madhya Pradesh always dreamt about wearing uniforms; perhaps because her hometown was where the key training for CRPF happened, her ambition grew stronger. Her father, Suresh Gangwal never compromised his children’s education. He worked hard and always supported them. Even when Aanchal had decided to choose defence as her career, her parents were worried but never stopped her. She described them as her “pillars of strength”.

One can imagine how difficult this journey to success might have been. As a tea-seller for 25 years, Suresh faced many problems regarding the payment of her school or college fees and Aanchal, who was always determined got success only at her sixth attempt. Aanchal’s aspiring, goal-focused and self-disciplined nature made her into who she is today. She is an inspiration to all who are dreaming big. She proved that no dream is impossible if we are hardworking and determined to achieve it.

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