Social media in the social world

Social Media is a manmade world. It’s like a crystal ball; fancy on the outside but fragile on the inside and can shatter the lives of many.

A teenager spends on an average 7 hours on the social media a day. This has a direct impact on mental health, future career and most importantly personality development.

What has fueled this addiction, is the amazing and advanced adaptiveness that the social media  platform has.

It is like a drug that starts by hurting the present and rapidly captivates the future and lead to depression, FOMO (Fear of missing out) and anxiety.

Teenagers need to be mature in their access of the social media as they are too young and lack experience to discriminate right and wrong.

Careless socializing on the media, could inadvertently reveal personal details to undesirable elements.

However, its wrong to attach a negative connotation to the social media as a whole. It also has its charms in being the most important advancement in society. It is a route to success and a highway for  easy access and communication for many. It has helped cement stronger   relationships. It is a precious boon that mankind has enjoyed, but if not used wisely, it could be a bane.

To conclude, Social Media is like a coin with two faces, one being a dearest friend and the other, a most dangerous foe. One can never predict the moment when this coin could flip the other side.