Ms.Rajashree N Chaudhari

A well-known face in the campus of Presidency School Bangalore South, Ms. Rajashree N Chaudhari, MCA, B Ed. is a symbol of perseverance, hard work, commitment and benevolent nature.

She joined the institution in 2006 as a Computer Science teacher and slowly but steady climbed the ladder of success by becoming the HOD of the department, then becoming the Coordinator and now finally standing tall as the Head Mistress of the school. Her sincerity and honesty towards the school and the management has been unwavering. She is ever enthusiastic to learn and challenges herself constantly. She tries to adopt new technologies and also helps everyone around her gain a brighter perspective. Along with being a brilliant leader she is also an excellent orator and has a wonderful flare in various languages. She never believes in giving up and takes up any challenge given to her and completes it with dedication and perfection. She is a good dancer too. She is fun loving, caring and ever energetic. A true asset to this organization, Presidency School, Bangalore South salutes her for her genuine efforts and unrelenting work towards to the school.