Life of a Tiffin Box

Hello Readers,

I am a Tiffin Box. I came to my owner’s house in 2018. Life is sometimes boring – lying in a sink, vessel stand and sometimes even in a drawer. But I enjoy listening to the chatter of the food inside. Sometimes Paneer talking to Peas, Pasta to Veggies, Dal fighting with Rice and so on.

I am the first one to get ready every morning. No one leaves the house without me. My favourite moment of the day is when my owner opens me in his lunch break. I feel so happy to see his excited and surprised face, what mom has packed today? My owner is a foodie, so his mom loves to pack a variety of food for him. I am always filled with great aroma. I feel satisfied when he finishes food, and I am empty. “Burden Free “.

I enjoy the aroma coming from different Tiffin Boxes during lunch break. Once I am back home, I enjoy a peaceful rest after a wash. For the past one and a half year I am lying packed in the drawer. I wish this corona goes soon and I can see the happy faces again. It is always good to see someone happy 😊.

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