Human beings and cans of soup

What’s the commonality shared between supposedly the most intellectually evolved, the most superior species on earth and a random unappetizing item on a supermarket aisle? Nope, not the fact that they both expire.

Labels. Things that pop into your head when I utter the word “labels” are most probably images of labels on your favourite shirt, your favourite chocolate and yes of course, cans of soup. They are things that should remain on clothing or food, with good reason. Anything but humans.

But sadly, nowadays for me as a part of the Gen-Z crowd (21st century children). I no longer have the privilege of stating that “labels” bring up food or clothing to my mind. Rather than cans of Heinz cream of tomato with a hint of basil. I recall words or slurs with a hint of anxiety. Nerd, hip, psycho, gangster are some terms so as to state that are colloquial. We all know what they mean and signify.

The way we dress, act, speak acts as a basis for people to classify us. You love to read? You are labelled a “nerd”. You love to party? You are labelled as a “cool” person. You are a make-up enthusiast? You are labelled as “fake”. Why? This is because we as people continue to judge a book by its cover. Much to our own chagrin, we all try to act or behave in a way that is very different from the way we actually are. We feel the need to suppress our true selves.

Thanks to labels, beauty is not in the eyes of the beholder, but rather within the brands of clothing you adorn. Popularity is not based on how people love your charity and good nature, but rather in the number of your Instagram followers. Labels are words of ammunition waging wars against our true selves.

The cans of soup we see in the supermarket are well exactly the same, row after row of the same dreary, mushy liquid. We are human beings, each one unique and special. We all have qualities and talents and personalities that make us who we are and we deserve to be that way. We need to rip those labels and live our lives holding our heads high. Labels rightfully are meant for identical soup cans and not for wonderfully non identical humans.

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