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How Arts Can Transform the Minds of Children in School?

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How Arts Can Transform the Minds of Children in School?

Art has been a method of expression for centuries. Different forms of art have defined society and culture at various different times in our history. They depict a mood in time, the reality of a place or the just the emotions of people who create it. Art has been used researchers and doctors to understand different points in history and also to create therapeutic mediums to help people express themselves better. There was Art before there was language. Thousands of years ago people used art to express themselves and even today people best express themselves through art if words fail them.

Art has many forms and can be offered by schools in varying degrees. But based on decades of research it has been a largely accepted consensus that children exposed to arts are able to reach their maximum potential with more ease than those who aren’t. Arts can be in any form in schools such as music, visual arts, dance, drama, etc. Each in its own can help make students improve cognition.

Increased Mind Simulation - Being able to engage in a form of art helps students increase their visual, temporal, and spatial reasoning. This increases creativity which helps in problem-solving. The increase in critical thinking and giving importance to details also helps students in every aspect of their lives and not just academics. Exposure to a wide variety of experiences helps students identify their strengths and weaknesses. This helps the student become more tolerant of diversity.

Improved literacy - There have been studies conducted which have reached the conclusion that kids that are exposed to arts are more inclined to increase their vocabulary. Arts help students increase their interest in education and learning. It also improves comprehension in students. In many schools students, irrespective of their economic background are able to close the achievement gap

Morale boost - Based on studies it was found that students that had art as part of their curriculum at school showed less disobedience. In various other studies, it was also found that arts helped increase student engagement in classrooms. Schools that offered arts also saw a higher graduation rate and a better performance overall from their students.

Personality and Character - Arts also help build a students personality as it nurtures self-expression which helps in generating responsibility. It also helps in understanding the importance of taking careful risks in life. A better understanding of the world helps the students be more tolerant and accepting of the change in the world. Exposure to arts can help build their self-confidence.

Emotional Intelligence - The kids can be taught to find a form of art that will be able to help them express themselves. This could lead to self-discovery, encourage positivity and also increase empathy. Arts can also be a source of relieving stress or any emotion they aren’t able to put in words. Incorporating arts in schools can lead to the holistic development of the students. This gives them a platform of expression and self-reflection which helps them be the best versions of themselves.

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