Do it yourself (DIY)

“Do It Yourself” also known as DIY is a method of doing or building things by ourselves which is usually done by experts/professionals. DIY is something that motivates us to do what we enjoy the most in a fun filled way. We have heard DIY Slime, DIY Diary, DIY Chocolate and many more. DIY is not only craft work, even Science and Math work can come under DIY. DIY needs only one important feature that is “CREATIVITY”. When we like a DIY, we try doing it. But that is not what is called as DIY. DIY is not  just copying your friend’s idea. Of course, you can take their advice or a little help, but the idea should be yours and it must be creative. For example, taking our parents help to understand what blog writing is or use their help to learn the format is fine, but the content should be ours and must be original. There are many websites  where you can go and see DIY’S. Some of the best ones are “5 minutes Craft” and “123 Go”.

Now I am going to share one of my very own DIY’S, making a decorative tape:

Materials required:

  • Paper Tape
  • Marker pen
  • Small stickers
  • Colour pens


  1. Take a paper tape of your choice
  2. Choose a design to draw on it
  3. Decorate the tape with small stickers or draw a design of your choice
  4. Viola! your very own decorative tape is ready.
  5. You can use these tapes to decorate your project borders, to decorate DIY birthday cards etc.

Like I mentioned this is just my idea, you can use your creative skills to make any type of DIY.



Hope you enjoy making this as much as I did. Do share the pictures and other DIY ideas you may have!

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