Corona- an article by Ananya Chhotray

The world is fighting against an invisible and deadly enemy, trying to understand how to live in the current circumstances without going insane, staying within the confines of our houses and hearing how the dead toll rises every day, with no solution at sight. The streets, a where the children played once are no longer safe with the lingering threat of the virus. Shops that were brimming with customers are now shut down, leaving the once colourful streets barren. The few people gone outside for essential household supplies are questioned by the authorities making them crave to be back in the safety of their houses.

COVID-19caused by SARS-Co-2 affects mammals’ respiratory systems. These viruses are usually transmitted by animals. After the incubation of 14 days, symptoms can include shortness of breath, fever and cough. In severe cases, infection can cause pneumonia, severe acute respirator syndrome, kidney failure and even death.

WHO has been assessing this outbreak around the clock and are concerned both by the alarming levels of spread and severity and therefore have assessed COVID-19to be characterized as a pandemic. Scientists all over the world are spending sleepless nights at the labs, trying their best to find a solution to this virus.

Due to the continuing rise in infected people, hospitals where silence was of great demand are now a chaotic scene with medical staff running from one patient to another, working relentlessly to do their duty and saving lives selflessly exposing themselves to the virus. Medical staffs aren’t allowed to go home in fear that the virus may transmit, leaving them incapable of meeting their families.

The police officers standing at every corner under the hot and hostile sun, in the summer heat are making sure that the public stay at home and are helping in the prevention of transmission the virus. Helping people in need and staying away from their families is a sacrifice they are willing to make for the people of their country.

Schools that were filled with the voices of teachers and laughter of students now stand eerily quiet, void of the happiness of learning something new. School closure during the pandemic are having a negative impact on learning outcome. But due to the determination of our teachers, we the students are well connected with the teachers and are continuing our education with the help of online classes.

Students no matter where they are, are attending classes together without any hinderance and are continuing their journey of education. Everyday classes start with a prayer and go according to the timetable provided. Online videos are being shown to make concepts easier and online quizzes and assignments are also being posted to check everyday progress.

Staying at home we are not only spending time with our family but are able to catch up with our studies and none of this would have been possible if not for our dedicated teachers who are so immensely passionate about their jobs.They are not only teaching during the class hours but are also motivating students and giving them hope during this tough time.

No amount of ‘thank yous’ can do justice to do the sacrifices made by these people. They are angels in disguise, who have come here to help us unite and overcome this problem together. No matter what words we choose, our gratitude can never be explained but we can express our gratitude by following the instructions given and working hard to help as much as we can by following the safety instructions of the medical staff, by staying at home to reduce the workload of the police officers and by concentrating in the online classes to make our teachers proud.

Stay at home, stay safe and do not lose hope because ‘This too shall pass’.