“Change is the only constant in life. One’s ability to adapt to those changes will determine their success in life”
- Benjamin Franklin.

“Change is the only constant in life. One’s ability to adapt to those changes will determine their success in life”
-Benjamin Franklin.

This makes so much sense in our daily lives and especially during and after the lockdown. The only aspect that helped us to go beyond survival, is our cognitive flexibility. Unfortunately, the wave of pandemic has hit many lives. While they grieved alone the world keeps spinning.  In no time the education system, institutions, educators and the learners took an instant plunge into online classes. Certainly it was not a cake walk for any of them.  Their anxiety, worries, doubts, constraint of resources and underdeveloped skills had shaken the patience to some extent. Soon they carved the avenue to proceed on the path of education. Both educators and learners worked as a team and dispelled even the traces of incapability. They used all the digital mediums to conjure up the teaching and learning back to their lives. On one hand online classes accentuated the audio-visual aids and amplified the efficiency of learning but on the other hand they compromised on social learning in realistic setting.

Now gradually we are returning from our virtual classes to the physical setting for the education. The dynamics of our rapidly changing world is testing our flexibility once again and dropping us back to the older world with new norms. I am whittling down few of the ideas to help you cope up with the new norms.

First and foremost, pat your back for being courageous and wise, having knocked down the challenges during the lockdown.

Safety is our basic need and must be prioritized. Take accountability of all the actions that you make towards the precautions of COVID.

Continue to take nutritious food, sleep well and workout for a healthy body and mind.

Be empathetic with the peers whose mind and body have largely got affected due to lack of food, sleep, exercise and loss of the life of their closed ones.

Be aware of your present fears and worries, accept and be gentle with them. Remember! It is the normal reaction to an abnormal situation.

Returning to the social world after many months is not easy. Start with a small conversation. All of us have our stories to share, so listen attentively and speak mindfully.  Set the boundaries with careless people and unmask your feelings with caring people.

List down and then muster the resources that you need to travel, learn and manage your emotions.

A big shout out to all the fighting spirit and good luck for your endeavor. Set out for unmitigated success.

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