Sitting at home for days is not at all an easy job for young minds like us. I remember enjoying the first few weeks of the lockdown just enjoying with my friends, now with online classes and tests, the mood for enjoying has been killed.

As most of us are spending time at home to flatten the COVID – 19 curve, our hearts and thanks go to the frontliners of this battle such as medical care workers, sanitary workers, police force and of course the ones who have been updating about happenings across the world– the reporters and our hearts go out to the people who are standing on the precipice of steep economic contraction, with their jobs and livelihoods in jeopardy. What matters today is how we flatten the curve. What matters tomorrow is how we stimulate economic recovery by bringing back better job opportunities.

Plains are grounded, streets are eerily empty, while schools, factories, and businesses (Supermarts, Malls, etc.) are closed. With more than a third of the planet’s population locked down because of the deadly coronavirus, there is a disquieting hush across the world. Over two million cases of the virus have been recorded worldwide. The economic fallout is unfathomable and several businesses in many countries have been closed. According to a study from Harvard University, places having higher air pollution have recorded more number of positive cases of the virus.

Over the last century, our species have been increasingly dominated the Earth, expanding, developing, and growing but also polluting and depleting the non-renewable resources, creating irreversible losses in biodiversity along with deforestation and land degradation, all exacerbated due to climate change and pollution. The health of our planet and human health are strongly connected, a linkage that has been abundantly clear from the COVID – 19 pandemic. Despite all these gloomy news, the planet now has a chance to reboot. If there is any silver lining to the misery caused by coronavirus that is the slowdown in human activities seems to be improving our environment. The eye-opener view of the Dhauladhar mountain range of Himachal in Jalandhar has become visible after 30 years with the drop in pollution due to the lockdown, proves this point. Videos are popping up of birds and animal species reclaiming their space. In the long run, we should not overlook the planet recovery and stay the same after the pandemic The COVID – 19 pandemic is an unforgettable lesson taught by nature. It is important to keep going the process of saving our environment.

The mesmerizing view of the Dhauladhar mountains.

As we are the future generation, let’s take forward this initiative of bringing up a cleaner and greener motherland. As the world celebrates the 50th Earth day this year, let’s help the planet reboot by making investments in fresher air, cleaner waters, less waste, more natural habitats, and a stable climate.

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