Nature Conservation Day


Nature provides us numerous gifts such as air, water, land, sunlight, minerals, plants, and animals. When all these resources will be under threat, natural lives of all living organisms will be under peril. To ensure the well-being of our future generations, it is important that we work towards sustainable development and take care of our nature.

World Nature Conservation Day recognises that a healthy environment is the foundation for a stable and productive society. This day also ensures the well-being of present and future generations.

“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.” By Mahatma Gandhi

There are several threats to nature like deforestation, illegal wildlife trade, pollution, using plastics, chemicals etc. Industrial development and several other factors are also responsible for the depletion of nature. Whatever we do it effects on the globe because world is one and somehow linked together.

World Nature Conservation Day: History

The history and origin of the World Nature Conservation Day is unknown but the main aim of celebrating it on 28 July is to come together and support nature, don’t exploit it. Conservation of Nature is the wise management and utilisation of natural resources. As we know that due to natural imbalance, we are facing several problems like global warming, various diseases, natural disasters, increased temperature etc. Therefore, for the next generation it is necessary to preserve it. So, it is important to raise awareness among people all over the world to understand the importance of saving resources, recycle it, preserve it and also understand the consequences of damaging it.

Most of the countries has recognised this as a problem and taken initiative to reverse it including India. Indian Government has undertaken five initiatives or Schemes to Conserve Nature

Nagar Van  Udyan  Scheme aims  to  create  at least one forest in each city having a municipal corporation to provide a “wholesome natural environment” for recreation and for the growth of smart, clean, green and sustainable cities.

Waste Management under Swach Bharat Abhiyaan a mass movement of cleanliness that was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2014. He hoped to develop a sense of responsibility among the people to achieve Mahatma Gandhi’s aim of a clean India

Project Tiger was introduced in 1973 to improve the diminishing numbers of tigers in India. It is an ongoing scheme sponsored by the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate change and provides assistance to the tiger states for tiger conservation.

Mangroves for the Future (MFF) multi-country initiative coordinated by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, IUCN covering, initially, six tsunami-affected countries namely, India, Indonesia, Maldives, Seychelles, Srilanka and Thailand.

National Wetland Conservation Programme is a Government of India initiative. Till date, the programme has identified 115 wetlands around the country that are in need of urgent conservation and management. The project aims to conserve and promote awareness about the wise use wetlands in the country in order to prevent further degradation.

Methods to Conserve the Environment

Everyone can participate and conserve nature which is a beautiful gift to us. There are three essential words about the conservation of environment that is Reduce, Recycle and Reuse. Several ways are there which we can conserve environment like:

  • Try to buy reusable and biodegradable products as much as possible. E,g Use cloth bags instead of plastic
  • It is necessary to reduce the consumption of water and reduce food
  • Reduce use of electricity (Switch off lights, Fans, ..etc)
  • To reduce Air pollution, (maintain car, Car Pooling, use public transport…)
  • Use rechargeable batteries than one time batteries
  • Recycle the shredded paper, Water Bottles, Books, card ..etc
  • To avoid littering it’s better to do
  • Plant trees and make planet green(Grow vegetables)


Conservation of nature is very necessary, even scientists have also warned us about the mass extinctions in near future. Several documentaries about nature show that resources are being wasted. Due to global warming temperature is increasing day by day, storms and level of sea is also increasing, freshwater glaciers are melting which threaten lives. We are connected each other with natural resources. The natural world is facing an increasing threat from unsustainable practices and the challenge is how to preserve and conserve nature to achieve sustainable development.

Let us come together and make an effort to contribute to the local, national or global levels in conserving nature. It will not only benefit our present generation but also for the future generation.

“Conservation is not merely a question of morality, but a question of our own survival” By Dalai Lama

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