As a child first opens their eyes and their gaze lands upon their parents, the foundation of a timeless relationship is formed, which might be moulded, bent, stretched and shaped under the unforgiving hands of circumstances, but will never be broken. Parents are the sun that never sets, nourishing life, growth and values in their children. They are the moon that never wanes, lighting up the path even in the darkest nights. They are the gentle winds, guiding our sailboats to the seemingly-unattainable horizons; and of course, they are the warmth of the hearth, a place we can come back for comfort after a tiring day.

The Global Day of Parents has thus been established by the United Nations to “appreciate all parents for their selfless commitment to children and their lifelong sacrifice towards nurturing this relationship.” Celebrated on the fourth Sunday of July in the USA, May 8 in South Korea, and June 1 internationally, the dates may all be different, but the intention of appreciation is common to all. Through this day, UN emphasises on the role of the family in nurturing and protecting the child and, creating an atmosphere of happiness, love and understanding for their harmonious growth. On this day, children give back to their parents and cherish them for all that their parents have done to ensure a secure and joyful life for them.

Despite parents playing such a crucial role in the emotional, mental, physical and cognitive development of a child, it is easy to forget all the sacrifices and challenges they face. The Global Day of Parents allows an opportunity to reflect on the wondrous deeds of our parents, their commitment, dedication and responsibilities, and remember to respect them for all that they do.

On the break of this pandemic, parents have bent over backwards for the welfare of their children. Doing extra chores at home while juggling their office work responsibilities, happiness of their children and the health of the entire family, not once have they shown the effects of this strain. They have worn a brave face while shielding their children from the physical consequences as well as the mental toll of this pandemic. These sacrifices surely deserve to be acknowledged and applauded. The Covid-19 pandemic is truly dire; however, we can still make an effort to see the silver lining of this situation.

In the present century, our daily schedules have become so hectic that we do not get time to spend with our family members. Taking advantage of the lockdown, we can utilise it to spend more time with our parents, ease the burden on their shoulders and give back for all the things they have done for us. Let us take this opportunity to reconnect with our parents, nurture our bond with them and support them emotionally and physically, similar to the support they have been showing us since birth. Instead of doing things individually like how we usually do, involving the entire family in those activities will provide a healing time for both the parent and the child. Simple signs of appreciation, that we typically fail to show our parents, can be done on a regular basis now. Talking to them, sharing our thoughts and feelings will not only bring us closer to our parents, but it will also make them feel valued and cherished. The future is uncertain and we do not know how long this storm will last, however utilising this time to nurture our bonds in entirely in our hands.

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